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Art studio, dining pavilion, cozy yurts, cut flower barn studio, miles of hiking trails, 4 acre lake, organic veg and flower farm on 98 acres: completely private and exclusively yours.

A woodland retreat venue for intimate meetings, workshops and gatherings in beautiful Goochland County, Virginia

September 2, 2021

Building a Dream Retreat Venue in Goochland County, Virginia

Have you ever been gripped by an idea so firmly, it wouldn’t let you go?

It feels like a dream that takes root in your soul, full of promise and potential.

It’s so compelling that your mind drifts there every idol moment.

Sunrise over the wildflowers

This idea, the one I’m talking about, the one that came to me, was to create a beautiful rural retreat venue. But it was so much more than that too. I dreamt of bringing my entire family together and live that farm life. To settle in central Virginia and lay down roots. With my now empty nest it was time to give priority to my art and create a community of folks interested in being the best versions of themselves. It’s become my true north and my next thing and it’s inevitable. It is what’s next and that’s that. Crazy right?

But the muse is strong and she is leading me, directing my actions, sometimes moving my feet one step at a time through things I don’t want to do. Things that aren’t “wheel house” strengths like permits and tech stuff. All in the pursuit of the someday. That beautiful someday when I get to create my life’s next chapter. When I will host creators and doers of all kinds, helping them gather and create and make memories that last a lifetime.

Just think of all the people that could enjoy this place!

• plien air painters

• photographers

• sculptors

• creative writers

• corporate meetings

• yoga retreats

• transformational retreats of all kinds

• family reunions

• girl’s trips

• location photo and film shoots

And on and on and on!

This place will be meant for all of that. It will nurture and inspire because of it’s natural beauty and rural location. It will function because of it’s well planned meeting spaces and provide comfort with it’s cozy, luxurious cabins. But more on that later.

She whispers in my ear.…won’t it be so wonderful to work in your art studio in the off season, fireplace crackling, lake frozen, birds at the feeder. She paints pictures of fireside chats, guitars strumming, stars twinkling, new friends gathering. She tempts me with finding my tribe, the folks who create with not only their art but also their communities. Most importantly, she shows me my entire family, all together again, enjoying this dream.

It’s worth it. All the doing, planning, learning, working, waiting(the worst part is the waiting). It will be so worth it.

I will blog about our progress here. Share the process…from plan to permits to ground breaking to building to our grand opening. One step at a time. The muse has spoken, and so it is.

  1. Guillermo Guzman says:

    And now I know you are also an excellent writer. So proud of all you are doing to live your dream. The journey in itself is part of it. Enjoy it to the fullest

  2. Holly says:

    Beautifully said! – the words spring from your soul and come from the heart. The passion you possess may drive you crazy sometimes with waiting on each piece of the process, but you are making it happen and oh what joy lies ahead! ❤️

  3. Kelli says:

    Wow! You are making it happen and I knew you would. So proud and inspired by you. Cannot wait to enjoy this beautiful place.

  4. Delaney h. says:

    You inspire so many people and I’m so grateful I get to watch you experience this chapter of your life. You are so passionate and driven, and it shows in your love for this project. I cant wait to see all the things you accomplish < 3

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