Great things are possible when gathering for a shared purpose.

Comforting + Artful + joyful

Creative ideas started flying. What if we really could do this together?
After chatting for quite some time we finally landed on the perfect fit for our collective skill sets:  A rural retreat venue to host meetings, workshops and gatherings of all kinds.  The ideas flooded in!  Someone chirped hey, we could host family reunions!  That would be so cool!  We could create a lucky charm treasure hunt for the kids and set up gourmet s'mores around the campfire!  Being an artist and having attended many workshops, my mind jumped directly to building an art studio and hosting classes of all kinds.  But I thought we really had to create accommodations that not only house the people, but are creatively unforgettable. Dad reminded us that corporate offsite meetings are popular and we could fill that need as well. See, that's the best part of our adventure...the creative ways to build our future together are endless and exciting.
As with most things in life, timing is everything and this was the moment. We set about finding the perfect place, the ideal land to create our future together.
In 2018 we finally found a 98 acre farm in beautiful central Virginia.  Although there were no existing structures, the mostly forested land came complete with a keyhole pasture topped off by a charming little lake.  This was it!  Be sure to follow along on our blog and social places for progress updates and retreat information.  Should be fun to watch it grow and to plan your own gathering here on our farm!  

Our Family

Crane & Clover is not just another hotel or corporation.  It's our land, our home and we can't wait to share it with you!
This will be a place where small groups can gather, learn and grow together.  This is our vision, our dream.  

When you visit the farm, you are welcomed like family.

three generations with a shared vision

It all started Thanksgiving 2017. Our family was gathered around the table chatting about the future and what we all hoped it would look like. After years of being scattered around the country we hadn't lived in the same zip code since my brother Kurt and I were in high school. We starting dreaming big. Mom and dad's fondest wish was to live close to Kurt's kids and watch their grandchildren grow up, especially after seeing how fast my two girls became young women. For me(Kim), I was looking to fill my "second half" empty nest with a new adventure. I was dreaming of a farm that was art filled but also purpose driven. My brother, who had entered corporate life after 25 years in the Air Force, was leaning in when I described a rural lifestyle. After years of being sent all over the world, setting down roots to raise his kids sounded very appealing. And so it began. The conversation became lively. 

Our goal is to provide a completely private gathering space for your group to enjoy.  We will work together with you to design a bespoke experience for your gathering by helping you select menus, activities and an agenda that fulfills your goals and desires.  Our mission is to create a completely unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Our Approach